Kelompok 6 “Oprasional” mb40-11

Bayu setiawan w (1401164364)
Larasati tinica Z (1401164419)
Lugina Suciati P (1401164377)
Hana Deshinta (1401164357)
Miranda berliana (1401164323)
M. Afjani Herlangga (1401164349)

Sedang dalam proses pemasukan data operasional pada dolibarr dan penyusunan makalah presentasi dolibarr

Kelompok 5 // MB – 40 – 11

Abrar Ramadhan – 1401164203
Nimah Sakinah – 1401164266
M Denaldi Danial A – 1401164296
Immanuel Chirsmas WS – 1401164165
M Faron Asyari – 1401164310

Selamat pagi, berikut progres dari kelompok 5

Progres Dolibarr kelompok 5 bagian Marketing Ambatik.Lab .
Data – data yang kami siapkan sudah ada tinggal kami input ke dalam dolibarr dan direkam untuk video tutorialnya, serta pembuatan makalahnya.


Kelompok 2 _ MB 40 11

Selamat pagi pak, Berikut saya lampirkan progres dari kelompok 2

Audrey Stellarosi 1401164447
Sarah Nauvallia 1401164520
M Ridho Rahman Priadi 1401164460
Lucia Tannya Diandra 1401164433
Anugrah Kurniawan 1401164487
Dimas Martian Dewangga 1401164552

Progress Dollibar kelompok 2 tentang finance.Semua data sudah ada, tingggal input di dollibar dan direkam video tutorial input kedalam dollibar nya, dan membuat makalah.

Terima kasih pak.


GROUP 21. Sukma Rizky Djalu Riverdhan
2. Nur Muthrofin T
3. Lathiefa Risky Adinda
4. Aditya Pratama

Our company structure consists of Lathiefa as the CEO and we have Aditya as our IT guy who responsible for developing our website and transaction process, and we have Sukma Rizki who work as our marketing chief and last one we have Nur Muthroffin as the person who responsible to take care of our Supplies and Production.

Currently we are targetting our product to kids on the street by placing our Trucks near by some schools around the city.

We have five variant taste of our products for now, those are Vanilla, Strawberry, Mocca, Tiramisu, and Green Tea. For now, we have five trucks deployed in several areas in the city and we are expecting to expand further.

From our calculation, there are around 300 cups sold on each truck every day with the most favorite taste of ice cream is strawberry.

We are looking forward to explore more products from our company to provide more variant product to compete with our competitors on the street.

Below are some of our specific work based on our position on the company


CEO: In the future, our CEO Lathiefa will keep introducing our company and spreading the connection with the intention to open access for opening new truck and expanding our business on the street.

IT Guy : Aditya keep improving our services to the customer by maintaining our website’s function such as for Ordering, and Customer Service. We want to make sure that we provide best service to keep our customer happy and satisfied and also to help us improve our product quality by listening to our customers demand in the customer service section on the website.

Marketing : Sukma Rizki handle the advertisement and promotion of our product. We also work together to enhance the sale by spreading words from one street to another. working with the IT guy to do the digital marketing, we believe we would have a push of our sale in the future as we work hard to improve our product as well.

Production and Supplies : We called her Fifin, she is the one who take care of our needs to create our product in the best quality we can. Also she wants to make sure that we keep the production cost as low as possible but having the best supplies in the first hand. She works for a very important role for the company and we hope for the best in the future for our company.

For the detail such as pricing, and mechanism we will provide it further later.

our dolibar progress group 3

our dolibar progress group 3 ​:

we already make a training for our employee

we already manage our employee holiday for idul fitri

18 April, 2017 09:35

we’re from group 4 and our company name is squishhh we’ve recreated our dollibar acc that expired previously
setup the company and foundation detail
and setup the module

18 April, 2017 06:18

Progress: Since weve got the expired date of trial so we just make new account, the company’s name is " threehour ".

  1. Creat new account
  2. Setup – company/foundation detail
  3. Setup – modul
  4. Product / services
  5. HRM
  6. Membership
  7. Creating user

Ika Nur Afifah 1401164200
Rendi Haryadi 1401164185

progress of using dolibar from group 1

Group 1 members :
1. Faza Pradipta 1401160517
2. Melati Puspa 1401160399
3. Moses Eka Nugraha 1401160167
4. Nur Islah Prestyasih 1401160230
5. Zevy Arizky

Dolibarr Definition

Dolibarr ERP/CRM is a software package built by modules addition (you enable only features you need), to manage small or medium companies, freelancers or foundations. We can say Dolibarr is an ERP or CRM (or both depending on activated modules).

It’s an OpenSource project base on a WAMP, MAMP or LAMP server (Apache, Mysql, PHP for all Operating Systems). Dolibarr differs from other ERP or CRM softwares (like OpenAguila, OpenBravo, OpenERP, Neogia, Compiere, etc) because everything was made to be more simple:

  • Simple to install
  • Simple to use
  • Simple to develop

This is our first time trying to using ERP in our company. We usually using paper and excel to documents our work. But since we know about Dolibarr, it makes us easier to manage our works.

Dolibarr’s advantages:
1. Dolibarr is available for 24 hours with internet connection, nut it has validate until 14 days
2. Dolibarr is secured and free
3. Dolibarr has extensibility, such as Customer Service
4. Dolibarr has specialist team if people needs them when in emergency (BeezNest)
5. People can use Dolibarr thru mobile or web

we have created an account on dolibarr and made some members for each group members. we also have made some list of our product and we divided out team member into 5 divisions, there are CEO, Products Manager, financial manager, marketing manager, and sales manager.

dolibarr progress group 4

  1. make an account2. fill company information and identities
  2. fill modules
  3. make a users & group

group members

Budi arya
Muhammad hafizal
Muhammad Indra
Larasati Rizqia
Mahardika Adiputra
Fauzi Ahmad

Progress Dolibarr

Our Progress of Dolibarr ERP and CRM Cloud

Hardin Zuhdi Santoso

Andini Nur Khansa

Abdullah An Nur

Naomi BMG

Wini Sabrina

We’re from Group 2 and We named ourselves "Hazel Origin"

We’ve created our expired Dolibarr again and set things up

More user and member created, training session started also new agenda for it

For Financial, we still trying to get on and understand it

New Products and services are created, alongside with new supplier and shipments to our third parties client and supplier

We’ve created new projects and also entry all the data that need for all of those above

We still getting hang of Dolibarr but we are confident that we will be able to understand it as a whole and will create a video soon enough.

Thank you