Name: Ni Putu Dewita Sari
NIM: 1401160292
class: MB-40-INT-3

there are 8 unique features of e-commerece that divided to Ubiquity,Global reach,Universal standards,Richness,Interactivity,Information density,Personalization/customization and Social technology. and i want to talk some of that features .
first about ubiquity that make internet tech is avaliable everywhere. need and want appear everytime so with internet market place can be crated in no time and everywhere too to solve that need and want, i really feel that advantage because its being more easier for me to do transaction even when im in house eather . when weather is not support to go out buy some important stuff internet still can working to help , and when im in position of out country i aslo can helped by internet .and other features that make internet unique is interactivity that mean internet make us posible to hsve interaction with other people, i really help by that features because in every time i want to buy stuff or do transaction its more confortable if i can chat personaly with the seller or do some negotiation about the stuff like to know spesification so the stuff i want being more accurate and corresponding with what i need and want
that all thank you