Group 1 cosnsist of :
1. Zevy Rizky
2. Faza Pradipta
3. Moses Eka Nugraha
4. Melati Puspa
5. Nur Islah (not coming)

Firsly we opened the website After that we choose online demo. And there are 3 parts, so we choose the first part is Doli Cloud. Then we create an account consist of username, password, tax id, etc. The sign up is complete. After that we saw welcome greeting which means installation complete. Then we click "take me to my dolibarr" then we have to login to see our account. We saw dasboard consist of set up for modules, menus, display, company/foundation information. After that in moduls has parts consist of human resource, customer relation management, financial modules, supplier relation management, etc. After that we have to swich on human resource’s parts so we can change the part from human resourse’s parts. And that’s all the progress that we made. Thank you 🙂