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  1. Sukma Rizki Djalu Riverdhan

  2. Nur Muthrofin T

  3. Lathiefa Riski A

  4. Aditya Pratama

  5. Describe the different types of business intelligence users at Colgate-Palmolive.

Answer : It was running five separate ERP system to serve its different geographic regions. Over a period of time, disparities in the data developed between different geographic regions and between the data used at the corporate level and the data used by an individual region or business unit.

Colgate choses to creating a single global data repository using SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse, SAP’s analytical, reporting and data warehousing solution. Colgate’s regional ERP System feed their data to the warehouse, were the data are standardized and formatted for enterprise-wide reporting and analysis. This eliminates differences in data across the enterprise.

Furthermore, Colgate’s Information Systems specialist implemented SAP NetWeaver BW Accelerator to speed up data loads and improve user perception and adoption, and then they implemented SAP Business Objects Web Intelligence to build customized reports. SAP Business Objects Web Intelligence provides a powerful, intuitive interface that enables business professionals to ask spontaneous questions about their data.

  1. Describe the “People” issues that were affecting Colgate’s ability to use business intelligence.

Answer: With a lot of reports of sales, the information couldnt be retrieve and being used to drive a beneficial decission impact to the employee. by that the senior manager maintains the perform to achieve a more user friendly data that later can be interpreted faster by the company.

  1. What people, organization and technology factors had to be addressed in providing business intelligence capabilities for each type of user?

Answer: Colgate’s information systems specialists implemented SAP NetWeaver BW Accelerators to speed up data loads and improve user perception and adoption and they implemented SAP Business Objects Web Intelligence to build customized reports. All of that in a purpose to enhance the flow of the data where a lot of employee wants to have access to the deeper area of data inside the warehouse.

  1. What kind of decisions does Colgate’s new business intelligence capability support? Give three examples. What is their potential business impact?

Colgate represent their data on the dashboards for everyone to follow the work of the company, sharing data from Board of directors to the employee.

For example, managers can determine positive or negative financial conditions by simply looking for negative financial conditions by simply looking for where dashboard reports use the colour green, which reflects improvements in Colgate’s financial position.

  1. Our product is concentrated in ice cream field with name Laglace. It’s a homemade ice cream. We have already made our profile for the company, and our structure for the company such as human resource, Management contact, Supplier Relation Management,Fnancial Modules, Product Management, Projects, Multi Modules-tools, websites,and interface with external system.

Our company structure consists of Lathiefa as the CEO and we have Aditya as our IT guy who responsible for developing our website and transaction process, and we have Sukma Rizki who work as our marketing chief and last one we have Nur Muthroffin as the person who responsible to take care of our Supplies and Production.

Currently we are targetting our product to kids on the street by placing our Trucks near by some schools around the city.

We have five variant taste of our products for now, those are Vanilla, Strawberry, Mocca, Tiramisu, and Green Tea. For now, we have five trucks deployed in several areas in the city and we are expecting to expand further.

From our calculation, there are around 300 cups sold on each truck every day with the most favorite taste of ice cream is strawberry.

We are looking forward to explore more products from our company to provide more variant product to compete with our competitors on the street.