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Dolibarr Assigment ERP-CRM Progress of Group 2


p dir=”ltr”>Reports of Dolibarr Progress of Group 2 as of 12:00


p dir=”ltr”>We have accessed Dolibarr, set up new instance for our fictional companies, we named it Hazel Origin, with objects or main focus on Explorations of Natural Resources.


p dir=”ltr”>We have set a set of 6 user, from superadmin to our respective user of group member.

  1. Hardin Zuhdi as President

  2. Abdullah An Nur as HR

  3. Andini Nur Khansah as Marketing and Sales

  4. Wini Sabrina as Finance officer

  5. Naomi Bontor Maria Giovani as Operational officer


p dir=”ltr”>We also have setups modules that we think is needed for the work. We enabled some of the modules we think needed likes salary, expenses, invoices, and others.


p dir=”ltr”>We also explores the system and trying to get hang of the system. We have created new products, member, client/customers and others.


p dir=”ltr”>There’s more to come and we still exploring more about this system, as its kinda new to all of us mostly.


p dir=”ltr”>We have accessed the application from our each username, and succeeds.

We have set privilages and boundries of each user, each with their own task such as Marketing only do client and prospect. Operation doing product management and Financial doing finance management.

Our next step is to make this thing work and to be able to work with each other without confusion and to get hang on the system really well.

That’s for our report. Thank you.

Management Information System Group 1 mb 40 int 2

Group 1 cosnsist of :
1. Zevy Rizky
2. Faza Pradipta
3. Moses Eka Nugraha
4. Melati Puspa
5. Nur Islah (not coming)

Firsly we opened the website After that we choose online demo. And there are 3 parts, so we choose the first part is Doli Cloud. Then we create an account consist of username, password, tax id, etc. The sign up is complete. After that we saw welcome greeting which means installation complete. Then we click "take me to my dolibarr" then we have to login to see our account. We saw dasboard consist of set up for modules, menus, display, company/foundation information. After that in moduls has parts consist of human resource, customer relation management, financial modules, supplier relation management, etc. After that we have to swich on human resource’s parts so we can change the part from human resourse’s parts. And that’s all the progress that we made. Thank you 🙂

MIS Assignment MB40-INT01 Group 1

Group1 MB40-INT01
Nur Muthrofin R
Adtya Pratama
Lathiesa Risqi
Sukma Rizky Djalu Riverdhan

For todays assignment we have already made our own company.Our company is a company that sell product which is ice cream. We have already made our profile for the company, and our structure for the company such as human resource, Manageent contact, Supplier Relation Management,Fnancial Modules, Product Management, Projects, Multi Modules-tools, websites,and interface with external system.

Assignment MBTI 40 Inter 1 Group 3

Group 3 MBTI 40 Inter 1
Ilham El Fawwaz
Eko Sanjaya Nurhakim
Nabila Ratu Utami
Sausan Zhafir Q
Narisha Mega
Raisa Aminah
Sandi MNP

our group already made our company, products, all models,

Group 1 Dolibarr Assignment

Group 1 :Aditya Vhio F D A
Biagi Widjaya
Idham Ghiffari
Kamal Abdillah A

Sir we are from group 1. Our segment area is Marketing. We have already done make an account and then we open the dolibarr website of our company. In that website we already setup the company information/identity.

Dolibarr Assignment

Hereby i present to you our dolibarr assignment. from group 3. thank you,sir.


here’s our report sir

we have already started up the demo, signed up to the demo acc and choosing the 1st choice the DoliCloud one, we also have filled the company or the foundation data, thats all

group :

Niken Endang Prastiwi

Nur ainun

M Chiesa AA

Calvin Kurnia Alam

Yusuf Akbar Khairulah

Meta septyowati

Management Information system group 4 mb 40 int 2

Management Information system group 4 mb 40 int 2

Reports :

Fauzi Ahmad
Muhammad Hafizal Yusuf Nurjaman
Muhammad Indra
Larasati Rizqia Ramadhany (absence)
Budi Arya Akresnadana
Mahardika Adiputra Sonjaya

Progress :
we have already sign up of our company. we also have already create user for division. and we have thinking and modify the module.

Progression of dolibarr (Group 3)


p dir=”ltr”>Member: Ika Nur Afifah
Noer Setiawan
Alvin A. Rizky
Rendi Haryadi Dharmawan
Alifia Ratna (absence)


p dir=”ltr”>1. Starting demo
2. Choose DoliCloud Service (1st choice)
3. Sign up the account
4. Login demo account
5. Fill Company/ foundation data
6. Setup Module (All enabled)
7. Setting language translation
8. Fill all on the blank data
9. Checking financial tab
10. For now it’s enough