name: bagas dwi tanuputra
nim: 1401163363

Ubiquity, it’s an experience I’m using gojek, then I want to send the right stuff from my house toward the buyer, and I sold my wristwatch to the buyer, after that I was confused because I was supposed to send the goods this morning but because there’s a snag that morning was forced to I should send him at night, but this time showed 11 mala, service delivery like tiki and jne etc already closed , I asked my friend the goods times can deliver goods selling me to the buyer but none of my friends can delivering this things , I could not get out because I did’nt get permission from my parents, then I tried using gojek but I hesitate because it is the first time of sending items using gojek, and then I ordered gojek, but I doubt gojek will receive my order due to time already very late at night , I waited for about 30 minutes, then gojek else took my order and she said it will be up here about 15 minutes, I waited and it turns out that gojek else arriving though already late, then I give the goods to deliver to the buyer, it turns out even though already late at night too there are still drivers who take this order.