1. The revolution is just biginning
    1.1 E-commerce: the revolution is just beginning.
    8 fitur ecommerce

– ubiquity
– global reach
– universal standar
– richness
– interactivity
– informasi density
– personalization
– social teknologi

1.2 E-commerce: A brief history
1.3 Understanding E-commerce: Organizing themes
1.4 Case study: The pirate bay: Searching for a safe haven.

  1. E-commers business models and concept
    2.1 E-commers business Models
    2.2 Major business to comsumer (B2C) Business Models
    2.3 Major business to business (B2B) Business Models
    2.4 E-commers enablers: The gold rush Model
    2.5 How E-commers changes business: Strategy, Structure, and process

Harapan :
Semoga dengan belajar ecommerce saya bisa memperaktekannya di dunia bisnis dan mendapatkan nilai yang baik