E-commerce Ubiquity

The existence of e-commerce in this era provides much conveniences for the seller and the buyer in the transaction, whether the transaction of business to consumer, business to business and consumer to consumer. One convenience gained in the use of e-commerce is the transaction can be done anytime and anywhere.

The process of buying and selling can be done anytime, not limited by time. We do not need to think about the store closing hours like offline transactions. We could also purchase a product or service anywhere. Sellers and buyers do not have to meet face to face to make transactions.

For example, when going to travel far sudden, we can directly order tickets at traveloka. After selecting the flight schedule, aircraft, place of origin and destination, number of passengers, and other requirements at any hour. Ticket payment can be made by transfer via Internet. We no longer have to give the money in cash. With E-commerce, buying and selling to be more flexible, can be done anytime and anywhere.